02 June 2015


Wow . . . . much has happened over the past short/not-so-short while.  Over the past few months I have been far too absent from home.  My pass-times include work, work, and more work.  lol . . . but seriously.

I've been working with the LDS church's animation group for three years now doing everything from concept and story boarding to finalized animation.  My latest projects include some videos for the Sao Paulo, Brazil temple and the Rome, Italy's visitors' centers as well as a concept animatic for a project proposal.  It turned out pretty sweet, and I can't wait to share it!  On Thursday we will be changing from our Salt Lake location on North Temple to the Provo studio location.  It's a bitter-sweet change (mostly bitter due to the need to commute plus the other work I do up in SLC . . . yeah), but it should be a good thing for the group in general even just from the stand-point of uniting the team.

My other job involved presenting with the Utah Film Center to schools around the Salt Lake Valley and surrounding areas.  That was a neat experience, and something I hope to be able to do again next school year.  I enjoy geeking out about animation with a group of 30-150 kids.  It's great.  On my very last presentation I got the privilege of presenting to my cousin's class.  What are the chances, right?

In other news, I will begin teaching at Broadview University come next term (within the next couple of weeks) as an intro to Maya teacher.  Super exciting.  I look forward to helping the students gain a hunger for learning and mastering Maya.  They'll pretty much be pro by the time next term starts up.

The most exciting bit of news is my absolute favorite!  I have been named art director over character design at a studio that I am helping to build from the ground up.  Currently I'm working on getting nice renders of the company logo that I built in Maya.  The fabulous design was done by my good friend Cameron Gardner, and though I can't show any of it yet, here is an image of a test render in Houdini (yeah, I thought I'd never use it again since I absolutely didn't get it in school.  Amazing what skills you'll need though you might never suspect it . . . ).  Good thing Seth Holladay was a good teacher.  I'm actually remembering more about Houdini than I thought I would.

Other than that, not much to report.  I've been enjoying every minute I can be at home.  We try to go out--just out. . . . out on walks, to Target, around Daybreak, anywhere.  Once we hit full funding for the Marley film (the current project I'm working on as art director), I will finally have a dependable schedule and will be able to enjoy blissful time with my girls at home.  I miss them.  We are still looking for investors, so if you know of anyone interested in investing, let me know and I'll connect you with the right people.


  1. Looks like great stuff coming your way! Look forward to seeing what the future brings.